Personal Chef Daria: Mom's Day Brunch Menu Of What Her Kiddos Served Her.

Greetings Foodies!
Brunch Menu of what my Kiddos served me on Mom's Day!

Mother's Day was yesterday. As some of you already knew I'm a Personal Chef, but others may not know I'm also a Mom, hence I really do cook alot on 2 fronts not just in other homes but of course my own. However, during this special time of year my Kiddos (Jesi & Aiyana) tend to treat me to their culinary skills... "Above" is a pix of their version of  "Shakshouka with Olive Bread" before serving & their presentation. How was it... "Fabulous"!

 *** A North African And Middle Eastern Dish ***
Shashuka or Shakshouka is eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes with peppers, onions & spices. Cumin is often found in this recipe from region to region.

On that note, I'd love to hear...
"What Was "Your" Mother's Day Menu Like, For Either Yourself Or Your Mom"? 

Bon Appetit!
Personal Chef Daria

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  2. It was absolutely delicious, And the olive bread on the side was perfect with the sweetness of the tomatoes and peppers.