Let's Travel The Flavor World ... Together!_Daria ( Personal Chef)

 In Search Of The Ultimate Porridges. 

If you are like me, I love traveling the "Flavor World Of Food", especially for "Breakfast Fare". The best excursions are to the  "Late-Nite Fridge" & "Cupboard Raid Depot'. One of my favorite "Midnight Munch-ables" are foods in the "Cereal/Grain" category. With some savvy, flavor enhancing grains such as, oats, quinoa or buckwheat easily surrender & can become guilt-free, light at night perfect nutrition adherents. 

Today, I came across an inspiring article (By: Robin Shreeves ) that not only offered some "FYI" for those of you who may have wondered about the difference between "Oatmeal & Porridge", but in addition there were some very creative recipe suggestions also included. In our ever increasing health oriented world of eco-sustainable food choices, it is a joy to know that "Grandma Wisdom" was always "En Vogue". So grab a bowl &, ..... "Eat Your Oatmeal"! -Daria