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Frank Lloyd Wright: A Soup To Nuts Designer

Frank Lloyd Wright was what I would call " A Soup to Nuts Designer". As a Personal Chef it's vital to know how to not only prepare a full course meal for clients, but it's also important to understand how to pair what flavor with what and suggest wine or some other beverage, that would enhance a meal. The "Samara Terrace", (pix below from the article) would be a cozy place to serve some sassy cuisine. I'm a Designer of Interiors & Exteriors, too ... hence as an admirer of his work, I find it quite interesting to view Wright's Interior and Exterior choices of various complimentary objects. He was known to not only design the building, but he would often adorn it with things he designed, as well. The article included speaks about one of Mr. Wrights lesser known projects. Grab a coffee & have a read. Enjoy!_Personal Chef Daria

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Use "Fair Trade Goods" & Bless A Nation In The World!

This week I'd like to present to you a wonderful "Textile Artisan", Catheline Garrity. Catheline designs beautiful accessories that would go well in any residential space. Some of her creations can cross over into the fashion world, too! Table runners can double as a throws or shawls, which can add an elegant touch to anyone's wardrobe. 
Catheline developed her skills and a love for sewing at a young age under her mother's mentorship. The two of them enjoyed discovering unique fabrics to work with on their shopping extravaganzas. For a period of time, Catheline had the unique privelge to not only work overseas, but to become well acquainted with the fabulous textiles of the " Middle East and Southeast Asia". This very talented woman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her craft. Her exotic pillows would make a wondeful addition to many decorative styles. Below, I've chosen room images and some pictures from Catheline's collection of  pillows that would work quite well together.TO SEE MORE OF "CATHELINE'S" CREATIONS VISIT:
These gorgeous pillows could easily pick up the wondeful earth tones in
this space and perhaps yours.

The tangerine color in this pillow is magnificent! Several of these pilows or even one long one, created in this fashion would be fabulous along the bed in this exotic bedroom. Can you feel the breezes?

This pretty purple pillow could add a touch of whimsy to this space. A young lady would certainly feel quite at home in this dreamy room with such a romantic style pillow to lounge on.


SERIES #1. The Value Of Using Artisans And Fine Artists In Residential And Commercial Spaces.
SERIES #2. People Who Are Majoring In Cultural Expansion Through The Arts.
In our world of microwave this, internet that and text the other, it is often easy to forget that this world still has artisans, fine artists, writers and performers who labor for hours at their craft. These newest editions to my blog will feature not only those in the various design fields, fine arts, and crafts, but it will also showcase creative writers, dancers, musicians and just about anyone else who's “slowed down to the speed of life” that is cutting edge, creative, and innovative. Enjoy the series! --- Daria

REMEMBER THAT GREAT SPACES ARE ORGANIZED. Here are 10 tips from one of my favorite magazines "Natural Home":

•Don't try to unclutter your entire house at once. Start small, with a drawer or a shelf, then build up to problem areas (like the garage or the basement) once you've had some smaller successes.
•Take everything out of a drawer or closet and spread it out in front of you. You'll eliminate more and organize more efficiently if you can see it all at once. (This also gives you a chance to clear out dust and run a damp rag over surfaces.)
•As you clear out, have four boxes or bags marked Keep, Give Away, Recycle and Hold for One Year. (The last one's for items you don't need or use but just can't bear to part with yet. If you haven't touched them in a year, their time has come.)
•Storage is key to containing clutter. Storage areas should make up at least 10 percent of your home's total square footage and be strategically placed where needed.
•Keep clutter contained. Use baskets and bowls to collect mail, pens and pencils, loose change, and all
the other odds and ends that collect on counters and tabletops.
•Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up the detritus of daily life, before it becomes overwhelming.
•Get rid of two items every time you buy a new one.
•Allow only three items on each surface.
•Just say no to refrigerator magnets. They encourage clutter.
•Keep windowsills clear of knickknacks and potted plants.

TIP: Find someone who could benefit from your treasures and "Bless" them with only the very best. I personally enjoy when someone gives me well cared for maintenace free things. ---Daria

On Outdoor Living:
Outdoor living in most places doesn't have to only be enjoyed in the Summer. Many people in various places of the world have climates that embrace seasons that are optimum for extended outdoor activities at home. Below are a few pics from Natural Home Magazine with some interesting ideas you may want to incorporate in your backyard, deck, etc...

This attractive grapevine arbor is not only cozy, but could be a breezy and shady space to eat al fresco with a few friends.

Gazebo structures can offer a romantic yesteryear quality to almost any setting. This Asian inspired gazebo brings the exotic to a lovely outdoor room.

Gentle breezes or under the stars...nap anyone?


  1. Daria... thank you so much for your kind words and photos of my designs. This is an excellent post. Keep up your great work.

    Catheline Garrity