A Glimpse Of "Personal Chef Daria" Behind Her "Illustrated Logo"!

Chef's Day Off! Mom's Day_2017

Greetings " Old & New Friends "! 

Here "I am", .... for all who've asked about me on my "Twitter, Facebook & Via Biz Email. 
Oh! and then there were others who were simply curious about "Who" is the "Lady" behind the "Caricature" of ( Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design ). 
Those who know me well, already know I'm not a "Selfie Or Pix Person". 
My Kiddos on "Mother's Day" did the "Classic Photographer"...Thing. 
You get me, ... "Now she's "Smiling" ............Yeah" !", said my son "Jesi" behind the "Nikon".
He was the "Official" pictorial record-keeper of the day. 
My daughter "Aiyana" was his partner in crime. 
My son & daughter are gifted artists & musicians. 
They were my collaborators of my (Caricature & Original Font) for my  (Logo). 

These ( Pix ), ..... are my "Approved Authorized Versions." ... LOL!

Peace & Luv 2 All! _ Personal Chef Daria 

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