Personal Chef Daria Gives A Last Minute Mom's Day Dinner Idea: "Go For Powerful Pasta"!

Last Minute Mom's Day Dish, ... Or Cooking's A Quandry For You: ( Powerful Pasta ) To The Rescue!

Pasta cooked well can be kicked up with just about anything. If you're a veggie lover, throw in your favorite ones (raw or steamed), ... with some minced garlic, a few herbs, your favorite salad dressing, combine ..... then grate your favorite cheese atop it. Add your favorite bread & wine alongside it. Fini! 

For those who enjoy protein add some diced chicken, shrimp steamed or sauteed in white wine, flaked crabmeat, or steak cubed such as rib-eye or fillet mignon that's been grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

Trouble cooking "Pasta" well? Check out this helpful article from "GQ Magazine"!:

Moms: Happy Mother's Day & Bon Appetit! _Personal Chef Daria

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