ECVA & Design_Affiliate Program ?? ANSWERED

Greetings! "ECVA&DAP" is short for my, Ethlecic Culinary Visual Arts & Design_Affiliate Program"". I've been in ministry for over 30 years; hence I'm quite accustomed to being "pro-active" regarding the needs of other people beyond my family and myself. In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever for individuals who (I might add make up what is called "Community"), to step-up and step-out beyond their 4 walls and touch the life of somebody. It isn't hard today to find a neighbor, family member, co-worker, recent acquaintance or friend, etc... who's lost a job, had hours cut "on a job", struggling as a single parent, elderly on social security, family barely making ends meet, or suffered a natural disaster...and the list can go on.

"ECVA&D_Affiliate Program" was birthed out of my compassion to participate in the "Circle Of Life" and be a part of the solution instead of  "just talking about the woes of the world and idly being a spectator of it". If you're the type of person who want's to make a difference and enjoy connecting with people, then this program is for you. If you’re financially challenged, reasonably comfortable, and well-off or even an entrepreneur who appreciates being connected with a business with a "purpose and integrity", then this program is for you. Several of my "ECVA&DA's" have purposed to use their proceeds for benevolence gifts and/or charitable organizations, whilst others have been "empowered" to help weather their own circumstances.

As an "ECVA&D_Affiliate" you simply refer customers to my websites (New Website Listings Coming Soon!) or via mail/ phone/ or email order. Once your referral makes a purchase, you'll receive a commission on the total amount of that purchase. The referral is "your referral for life", hence if they are a repeat customer then you receive a commission for that referral every time they make a purchase. The "ECVA&DA Program" is a pro-active and humble reminder that without people no one has a business. Likewise, without those who provide their gifts and services in business, we would all be set back into the "Dark Ages"... victims of whatever plague or shortage that invaded "our four and no more realms" minus those someones who can fill that goods or services gap.

"ECVA&D_Affiliate Program" is easy to join and fun to do while making a difference. To become an "ECVA&D_Affiliate" Email: for details. Please put "ECVA&DAP" in the subject line.

Come Aboard & Tell A Friend.  Let's Make A Difference One Person At A Time! ---Daria 


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