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Business Owners, Vendors, Artisans and Crafters & All Caring Parties: You know the value of having someone purchase your goods, handmade items and skills, help stamp out poverty "worldwide" and promote environmetally green practices in "our" worlds econmy.
Use "Fair Trade Goods" Often & Bless "Our" World!

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  1. Southwest Connoisseur
    ***Artistic creations of the “First People’s Nations” articulated in drawings, oils, acrylic paintings and wooden creations.***

  2. Art Supplies at Jerry's Artarama
    Discount Art Supplies up to 70% off. Artist supplies since 1968 for Painting, Easels, Drawing, Watercolor, Custom Framing online. Fine customer service on thousands of discount art, crafts materials.

  3. Ume Origami

    I am a papercrafter with love for origami. I make Japanese chiyogami paper dolls and origami accessories. Thanks!

  4. All About The Buttons
    Unique, one of a kind personal and home ornaments and accessories,many embellished with buttons.

  5. Tamilyn Gardner Design Studio
    Couture Paperie and Digital Stationery

  6. Hello everyone! I'm Catheline. In my former career while on assignment in Southeast Asia & the Middle East my textile collection grew exponentially. These same textiles are now the basis of my designs.

    Artistic Designs for the Home Handcrafted from Exotic Textiles

  7. Thank You Daria~~ I am Leta of letamariedesigns
    I love to make,create,and learn concerning jewelry. I can be found here~~

  8. A Hearty & Warm Welcome! To ..."The Passionate People" Who've Taken Advantage Of The Additional Exposure Offered By My Blog Site: "Ethelectic Wearable Art & Design". As You May Have Noticed My Blog Site Has A Good Flow OF Traffic, As Well As, I've A "Megaphone Mouth For Advertising "My Fellow, Artisans, Crafters, & Diverse Group Of Entrepreneurs!!!" My Motto: There's No Shortage of Resources, Just People Who Lack Ideas." "May Many Blessings Overtake You And Propel You Even Further Into Your Future!"--Daria

  9. daria ~such a warm woman with a big heart... thanks for the invite to post here...Suzette.xx

    TRADD FINE ARTS : all ART of many mediums and ARTISAN pieces (currently portfolio includes canvas paintings on spiritual and emotional landscapes and jewelry )can be viewed and purchased on facebook and at various events as i travel(feel free to subscribe to TRADD FINE ARTS to stay current)or follow on twitter at traddfinearts

  10. Thanks Daria! Hi everyone. I love to knit and create accessories for women and children. You can find me at:

    Thanks, Julie

  11. Hi all
    Right now my mail focus is on purses for women and children.
    You can find them at

    Later I will be doing oil painting again

    My blog is

  12. Thank you Daria.
    Hello. I am passionate about beadwork, especially beadwoven jewelry made with the tiniest of beads, accented by crystals, pearls, or gemstones.

  13. Thanks, Daria!

    I have a love affair with semi-precious wire!

  14. Hi Daria and everyone! I am passionate about life, beauty, art and inspiring people to see the beauty in themselves. I've been asked to consider speaking about bringing passion into one's life a few times by my friends who are involved in various goings on in several venues. I think artisans are the most wonderful people because they cause us to celebrate ourselves, beauty, wonder, enjoyment and to step outside ourselves and take a moment to revel in all the beauty life has to offer.

    If you wish, you can find me on Zibbet or my blog at:

    Currently I'm working with someone to develop a site wherein one can kind all sorts of very neat information on as many gemstone and semiprecious gemstones as possible. It's in its infancy, so be patient, but all about Alexandrite and Pearls are already posted!

    Have a superb day everyone! Thank you again, Daria

  15. Ah, thank you Dari!

    You can find me on Zibbet at Walk in the Woods, LLC
    and you can learn more about all that I do at What I Made Today


    ~ rose

  16. Thank you Daria for your blog. I do not have the time to have a blog of my own because I am always busy as a bee at my sewing machine!

    I can be found at

    I make wonderful quilts, they are "works of art from my heart". Each one is very well made so they will last and last. I also do custom embroidered names for the quilts.

    Aprons are another passion of mine ~ as well as other things that catch attention. I may start with a pattern but I always add my own personal touch and twist to make it my own.

    I have recently been adding recycled, reclaimed, reconstructed items to my list of interests so who knows what's going to show up in my shop next??

    Remember to take life one day at a time~

  17. Thank you Daria. I have a passion for beads...I make cute, casual, and fun jewelry. Getting ready to add some other interest to my shop.

    Thanks LeeAnne

  18. Hi, Daria. My passion is for color. I love color in the clothes that I wear, the paint that I put on my walls and the wrappers I choose when creating 'pop art.'

    You can see some of my work on Zibbet's site:

  19. My passion is sewing and oil painting


  20. Thank you Daria for this opportunity to add myself to all your hard work here!
    My gardening blog =
    My creative blog =
    and last but not least -

  21. Thank you for this opportunity to list my shops and blogs!!
    My passions are my daughter, jewelry, and natural bath products find them all at these locations!

  22. LaDy LaDuke...Unique Items For Mothers & Women *Home of The Feeder Frock Nursing Cover and More*

  23. Daria,

    You are special. Thanks for having me on here.

    Anyone can visit me:

    I believe passionately:


    Best regards,

    Capt. Richard B.

  24. I'm passionate about paper and the ocean. Love art and books!

  25. Thanks Daria, I'm passionate about glass, nature, and nurturing others.

  26. Thanks a million Daria! Today I have a special link to's a guest piece I wrote on the Handmade In TX blog. It features the wonderful little town of Jefferson Texas. Y'all take a look and stop on by to see us if you're in the area! Thanks for letting me share!

  27. Greetings Texas Eagle, Thanks For Sharing On The "Ethlectic Wearable Art & Design's: The What I Am Passionate About Page!!!" ---Daria