Mom's Day Brunch "Ingredient" Idea: Use "Ravishing Radishes!"

"Ravishing Radishes: An Often Forgotten Veggie That's Quite Diverse." 

I love gardening it's meditative, inspiring and of course, "edible"! I'm a bit of an "Ecoist", hence most of what I like to plant is not only a treat for the eyes, but a feast for the belly. The humble looking radish packs flavor and adds, color & texture to a myriad of dishes.This little veg is also a great source of vitamin A & C, and the mineral calcium.  

Ironically, I've met many people who discard the leafy tops. Stop! They are "Fab" sauteed, stir fried, in soup, as a pesto & one of my personal favorites a key ingredient in a Dal. They offer a dish an intriguing peppery flavor. 

Radishes Rule! Enjoy Exploring Them! _Personal Chef Daria 

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  1. radishes taste great sliced in a salad, or on a sandwich. I also like the radish tops sautéed with Garlic and olive oil.