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Greetings "Visitors" and Welcome Aboard to the "Followers" of formerly Ethlectic Wearable Art &Design. Thank you for embracing & gracing my new revised business & Blog: Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design Site! Your "participation and community spirit" in the virtual world gives life and vibrancy to it, so spread the word about this blog to a friend, and feel free to leave comments on "The Talk Back 2 Me Page".

In addition while you are visiting my Blog: ***Check Out“The What I Am Passionate About Page!!!” *** It Is A Place For “You" To Share Your Website/ Blogspot Links, And A Brief Description About It. If you are new to my Blogspot let me know you stopped in by becoming a “Follower” of my Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design Blog: I will link and follow yours, as well. *** ---Daria

Why the Name "Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design" ?
Simply, "Ethlectic" is a play on words "Ethnic & Eclectic" which was created by my Ex- husband who's a writer and a poet. These 2 words combined describe my design aesthetic in "Culinary, Visual Arts, Interior & Jewelry Design." I desire my creations to represent "Nationalities Worldwide",while simultaneously appealing to "Eclectic People" who have unique, and very strong individual tastes and sensibilities about their environments and what type of, food, jewelry, art clothes that they use to identify who they are.  

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