Personal Chef Daria Serving Up A Portion Of Silver City's Blues Fest

Silver City Blues Fest : A Taste Of Yesterday:  MMiller and The Other Sinners. Catch More Great Acts 2day!_Daria (Personal Chef)

Personal Chef Daria Serving Up a taste Of Silver City Blues Fest

Image may contain: 3 people, people playing musical instruments, people on stage, guitar and text๐Ÿ˜‡ REPENT! ...If you Missed (Miller and The Other SINNERS) Yesyerday at Gough Park.................TODAY at 11am: (The Toad's)...The "Happening Place" To Be! 
( Dave & The Boys) Are Serving Up "A Sunday Gospel Brunch All You Can Jam Session This Morning" !!! Safe JourneyYa'll. ๐Ÿ˜Ž _Daria (Personal Chef)๐Ÿฝ️


UNICEF'S Roger Moore: A"Bonded/Saint" Takes Flight. RIP

❤️"Bond" but we can also say "The๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint" saved the day for the "Mamas & Kiddos". (R.I.P_Sir Roger Moore)❤️_Daria (Personal )๐Ÿฝ️#Bloggers

Personal Chef Daria: Savor A Simple Salad

Greetings Foodies! 

With so much "Flavor to Savor" in many of our "Cuisine Cultured Countries", ... a "Simple Salad" can "Placate A Palette" back to a "Neutral Nuance".  I guess "Mom" was right, ..."Eat Your Veggies"!


"Mixed Greens, Sweet Peppers & Mushroom Salad With An Avocado Pomegranate Vinaigrette".- Dish prepared for some of my veggie eating clients. _Chef Daria

Eat local produce as often as you can. Support your "Neighborhood Growers".

Enjoy! _Personal Chef Daria


Personal Chef Daria: An Oldie But Goodie "Ginger"!

Greetings Foodies! 

I thought this article was spot on regarding one of my favorite versatile foods. It's an "Oldie But Goodie: Ginger. Eat & Stay Well! 

Keeping it "Personal" Chef Daria
P.S. Scrub but "Keep the skin on often, ... it's vitamin rich"!

7 Unbelievable Ginger Benefits for Health and Weight loss: Ginger tea is used for weight loss due to the property of the drink increases metabolism; stimulates circulation and excrets toxins from the body.


A Glimpse Of "Personal Chef Daria" Behind Her "Illustrated Logo"!

Chef's Day Off! Mom's Day_2017

Greetings " Old & New Friends "! 

Here "I am", .... for all who've asked about me on my "Twitter, Facebook & Via Biz Email. 
Oh! and then there were others who were simply curious about "Who" is the "Lady" behind the "Caricature" of ( Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design ). 
Those who know me well, already know I'm not a "Selfie Or Pix Person". 
My Kiddos on "Mother's Day" did the "Classic Photographer"...Thing. 
You get me, ... "Now she's "Smiling" ............Yeah" !", said my son "Jesi" behind the "Nikon".
He was the "Official" pictorial record-keeper of the day. 
My daughter "Aiyana" was his partner in crime. 
My son & daughter are gifted artists & musicians. 
They were my collaborators of my (Caricature & Original Font) for my  (Logo). 

These ( Pix ), ..... are my "Approved Authorized Versions." ... LOL!

Peace & Luv 2 All! _ Personal Chef Daria 


Personal Chef Daria: Mom's Day Brunch Menu Of What Her Kiddos Served Her.

Greetings Foodies!
Brunch Menu of what my Kiddos served me on Mom's Day!

Mother's Day was yesterday. As some of you already knew I'm a Personal Chef, but others may not know I'm also a Mom, hence I really do cook alot on 2 fronts not just in other homes but of course my own. However, during this special time of year my Kiddos (Jesi & Aiyana) tend to treat me to their culinary skills... "Above" is a pix of their version of  "Shakshouka with Olive Bread" before serving & their presentation. How was it... "Fabulous"!

 *** A North African And Middle Eastern Dish ***
Shashuka or Shakshouka is eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes with peppers, onions & spices. Cumin is often found in this recipe from region to region.

On that note, I'd love to hear...
"What Was "Your" Mother's Day Menu Like, For Either Yourself Or Your Mom"? 

Bon Appetit!
Personal Chef Daria

Feel Free To Post Menus On My "Blog" Or "Facebook Sites":


Personal Chef Daria's Mom's Day Message To You...

              A Mother's Day Message

๐ŸŒปShalom! Many Blessings To The Mom's On "Mother's Day"! If Your Mom Like My Mother Has (Changed Worlds), "Celebrate Her", The Grandmas, Aunties & All Those Connected To You, Including "The You" That You Are This Day. There Is A Part Of Them "Living Or At Rest" That Will Always Be With & In You! May God's Blessings Of "Joy" Shower Upon "You All" This Day & Everyday! Luv & Hugs Sent Your Way 
__Personal Chef Daria



Personal Chef Daria Gives A Last Minute Mom's Day Dinner Idea: "Go For Powerful Pasta"!

Last Minute Mom's Day Dish, ... Or Cooking's A Quandry For You: ( Powerful Pasta ) To The Rescue!

Pasta cooked well can be kicked up with just about anything. If you're a veggie lover, throw in your favorite ones (raw or steamed), ... with some minced garlic, a few herbs, your favorite salad dressing, combine ..... then grate your favorite cheese atop it. Add your favorite bread & wine alongside it. Fini! 

For those who enjoy protein add some diced chicken, shrimp steamed or sauteed in white wine, flaked crabmeat, or steak cubed such as rib-eye or fillet mignon that's been grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

Trouble cooking "Pasta" well? Check out this helpful article from "GQ Magazine"!:

Moms: Happy Mother's Day & Bon Appetit! _Personal Chef Daria


Mom's Day Brunch "Ingredient" Idea: Use "Ravishing Radishes!"

"Ravishing Radishes: An Often Forgotten Veggie That's Quite Diverse." 

I love gardening it's meditative, inspiring and of course, "edible"! I'm a bit of an "Ecoist", hence most of what I like to plant is not only a treat for the eyes, but a feast for the belly. The humble looking radish packs flavor and adds, color & texture to a myriad of dishes.This little veg is also a great source of vitamin A & C, and the mineral calcium.  

Ironically, I've met many people who discard the leafy tops. Stop! They are "Fab" sauteed, stir fried, in soup, as a pesto & one of my personal favorites a key ingredient in a Dal. They offer a dish an intriguing peppery flavor. 

Radishes Rule! Enjoy Exploring Them! _Personal Chef Daria 

For More Inspiration About This Veggie Visit:


Personal Chef Daria: Keep It Sweet For Mom's Day!

Greetings Foodies!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! 

I'd love to hear "What's "Your" Mother's Day Menu Going To Be Like, For Yourself Or Your Mom"? 

Need a Dessert Idea? .... For A Client I Made This Sweet Decadent "Almond Carrot Cake With Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing".

P.S. For those "New Foodies" To My Blog Or FB Pages: I'll post a Menu of what my Kiddos served me on that Special Day! 

Bon Appetit!

 Personal Chef Daria


Personal Chef Daria Asks: "What's Your Mother's Day Menu!

Greetings Foodies!

Mothers Day is just around the corner. As some of you already know I'm a Personal Chef,  but some of  you may not know I'm also a Mom, hence I really do cook alot on 2 fronts not just in other homes but of course my own. However, during this special time of year my Kiddos tend to treat me to their culinary skills. On that note, I'd love to hear "What's "Your" Mother's Day Menu Going To Be Like, For Yourself Or Your Mom"? 

P.S. I'll post a Menu of what my Kiddos served me on that Special Day! 

Bon Appetit!
 Personal Chef Daria


Great Food Companions Promote "Diplomacy Between Family & Friends & Others" Enjoy The Weekend! Personal Chef Daria

With All The Unrest Post-Elections In America... Be The Hope & Light-Giver Of Your Today & Watch What Happens... Peace & Luv 2 U All! _Daria (Personal Chef)



Let's Travel The Flavor World ... Together!_Daria ( Personal Chef)

 In Search Of The Ultimate Porridges. 

If you are like me, I love traveling the "Flavor World Of Food", especially for "Breakfast Fare". The best excursions are to the  "Late-Nite Fridge" & "Cupboard Raid Depot'. One of my favorite "Midnight Munch-ables" are foods in the "Cereal/Grain" category. With some savvy, flavor enhancing grains such as, oats, quinoa or buckwheat easily surrender & can become guilt-free, light at night perfect nutrition adherents. 

Today, I came across an inspiring article (By: Robin Shreeves ) that not only offered some "FYI" for those of you who may have wondered about the difference between "Oatmeal & Porridge", but in addition there were some very creative recipe suggestions also included. In our ever increasing health oriented world of eco-sustainable food choices, it is a joy to know that "Grandma Wisdom" was always "En Vogue". So grab a bowl &, ..... "Eat Your Oatmeal"! -Daria 



"...With Excellence". O.Q._2016_Daria Donovan Livingston's Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Speech

             "...It Was Said, ...With Excellence". O.Q._2016_Daria


The remarks of Donovan Livingston, Ed.M.'16, student speaker at HGSE's 2016 Convocation exercises.

Congrats_2016 Shelley Memorial Award_A Legendary Woman Working Words_Sonia Sanchez

"A Legendary Woman Working Words_Sonia Sanchez (Writer)." O.Q._2016-Daria


          Announcing the 2016 Shelley Memorial Award, Sonia Sanchez


"Will You Be Next? Pick Your Pen." O.Q._2016_Daria (Personal Chef & Creative Writer)
Creative Writing Link:

               Popular Types Of Creative Writing      

"A Passion For Poetry: Feed Your Soul Too, Ya'll !" O.Q._2016_Daria


As much as I love feeding folks, I also love feeding the soul. When not Cooking, I engage in Creative Writing: Short Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Recipes, & of course Blogging to you various things from literally, ... Soup to Nuts to Diggin' Design! Today, I came across a poet I admire (Ed Roberson) who just received some well deserved props. Join me in celebrating him! I've included "an appetizer" of one my favorite poems by "Ed Roberson" titled "A Low Bank Of Clouds".  I hope you'll serve yourself up more enticing portions of this "Prolific Poet", ...Happy Reading! _Daria

" A Low Bank Of Clouds".... (Excerpt)
   By Ed Roberson
But for a low bank of cloud,
         clear morning,    empty sky.
The bright band of light beneath  the cloud’s gray
       I thought at first was open distance,    but it’s ice
that by extension raised the lake above the lip of blue lake
       and spilled it farther out than that horizon
along the sky
       and floods the clouds.
To Read Full Poem By "Ed Roberson":


"Savor The Safety", .... Memorial Day Weekend...

"Savor The Safety", .... Memorial Day Weekend. Have A "Fab" One, Ya'll !" O.Q._2016_Daria ( Personal Chef @ ECVADesign2)







"Share The Bounty Of Sustainable-Wealth & Health!"

Greetings Everyone!
Those of you who have known me personally and or followed my "Business & Personal Facebook Posts & Twitter Tweets", have probably noticed I'm a huge advocate of "Eco/Green & Sustainable" practices in every aspect of life. As an Artist, Designer, Chef & simply just another Human-Being on "Planet-E", it is so vital to not only take care of our bodies but also the environments we live in publicly & privately. I consciously make it a point to do my part sowing my efforts forward not only for the future of my kids but all kids, ... our future humanity. So here is some vital info for "The Gardeners" Novice or Experienced, let's keep ourselves, others & the critters Kosher, while we use our gardens for either making that healthy salad we favor, adorning our spaces with flora & exploring our natural world. Take Note! & Please pass along this post regarding , (15 Plants That Could Kill You ):

"Respect & Knowledge Are Powerful Forces That Can Enhance Everyone's Quality Of Life". O.Q.__2016_Daria


"Green IS Good!" USE ORGANIC SEEDS & PRODUCTS. Ethlectic Culinary Visual Arts & Design


Don't Forget Your Local Growers Who Offer Fresh Ingredients Year Round!"

"Green IS Good! " O.Q._2016_Daria
"Organically Grown...From "Garden To Gourmet Table", ...Make A Difference & Eat Healthy!" O.Q._2016_Daria

Stay Connected More Posts To Come...... Products Reviews, Recipes, Design Ideas & More From a "Green IS Good" Perspective!


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