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Greetings Everyone!
Those of you who have known me personally and or followed my "Business & Personal Facebook Posts & Twitter Tweets", have probably noticed I'm a huge advocate of "Eco/Green & Sustainable" practices in every aspect of life. As an Artist, Designer, Chef & simply just another Human-Being on "Planet-E", it is so vital to not only take care of our bodies but also the environments we live in publicly & privately. I consciously make it a point to do my part sowing my efforts forward not only for the future of my kids but all kids, ... our future humanity. So here is some vital info for "The Gardeners" Novice or Experienced, let's keep ourselves, others & the critters Kosher, while we use our gardens for either making that healthy salad we favor, adorning our spaces with flora & exploring our natural world. Take Note! & Please pass along this post regarding , (15 Plants That Could Kill You ):

"Respect & Knowledge Are Powerful Forces That Can Enhance Everyone's Quality Of Life". O.Q.__2016_Daria

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