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As much as I love feeding folks, I also love feeding the soul. When not Cooking, I engage in Creative Writing: Short Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Recipes, & of course Blogging to you various things from literally, ... Soup to Nuts to Diggin' Design! Today, I came across a poet I admire (Ed Roberson) who just received some well deserved props. Join me in celebrating him! I've included "an appetizer" of one my favorite poems by "Ed Roberson" titled "A Low Bank Of Clouds".  I hope you'll serve yourself up more enticing portions of this "Prolific Poet", ...Happy Reading! _Daria

" A Low Bank Of Clouds".... (Excerpt)
   By Ed Roberson
But for a low bank of cloud,
         clear morning,    empty sky.
The bright band of light beneath  the cloud’s gray
       I thought at first was open distance,    but it’s ice
that by extension raised the lake above the lip of blue lake
       and spilled it farther out than that horizon
along the sky
       and floods the clouds.
To Read Full Poem By "Ed Roberson":

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