Ethlectic Wearable Art & Design Thanks "All" Who Participated In "American Craft Week!

Many Thanks To "All The Wonderfully Creative People" Who Participated In "Celebrating American Craft Week" That Ran From October 7-16 2011 On My "Newest Facebook Page": Ethelectic Wearable Art & Design! "Visitors" Please Take A Moment And Scroll Down Through The "Posts & The Older Posts" In Order To  See All The Wonderful Artist's Work That Was Shared During "American Craft Week." Hope To See You And Your Creations In The Next "Event" Or Feel Free To Post On Ethelectic Wearable Art & Design "Anytime" And "Show Us And The World What You Got"! Cheers!!! ---Daria Tallman CEO & Founder Of "Ethlectic Wearable  Art & Design

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