25th Annual Purchase Prize Award Exhibit: Acrylic Category 1st Place –T. Kent Tallman

Grant County Art Guild

P.O. Box 456

Silver City, NM 88062

The opening reception for the 25th Annual Purchase Prize Award Exhibit was

held Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at the Hearst Church Gallery in Pinos Altos.

The show, which contained forty-nine entries from artists across the State of

New Mexico, was judged by award-winning artist Ken Hosmer. The Best of

Show painting by Kat Sawyer was purchased by the Grant County Art Guild.

The following artists were awarded ribbons at the event.

Best of Show – Kat Sawyer, Santa Fe “Quiet Time”

Tenniel Tatsch Award of Excellence & Honorable Mention – Kat Sawyer,

Santa Fe “Summer Idyll”

Oil Category

2nd Place – Jane Seavers, Pinos Altos “Sandy Road at the Box”

3rd Place – Jose’ Andreas Giron, Reserve “Mogollon”

Honorable Mention – Jane Seavers, Pinos Altos “Autumn Afternoon in Mimbres”

Barbara Kejr, Silver City “Waiting for the Sunrise”

Priscilla Baldwin, Silver City “Reverence”

Gay Marks, Silver City “Distracted”

Pastel Category

1st Place – Lyle Brown, Bernalillo “In Olde New Mexico”

2nd Place – Carolyn Gray Patty, Silver City “Sunset”

Acrylic Category

1st Place – T. Kent Tallman , Mimbres “One Legged Sam”

2nd Place – Florence Rowell, Silver City “Two Trees - Two Ravens”

3rd Place – Barbara Smith, Silver City “Scissors Tails”

Honorable Mention – Arlene Sarkela, Silver City “The Plaza”

Watercolor Category

1st Place – Penny Thomas Simpson, Las Cruces “Peck of Peppers”

2nd Place – Penny Thomas Simpson, Las Cruces “Uncle Mark’s Boots”

3rd Place – Audrey Goodleaf, Silver City “Beginnings”

Honorable Mention – Marie Siegrist, Las Cruces “What a View”

The paintings will be exhibited at the Hearst Church Gallery in Pinos Altos September 24 – 26 and October 1 –

3, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The public is invited to visit the gallery and vote for their favorite painting, which will

receive the People’s Choice Award. The paintings are available for purchase.

For more information about the Grant County Art Guild, visit

Best of Show – Kat Sawyer, Santa Fe “Quiet Time

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